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Roxbury T'ai Chi Academy (R.T.C.A.) is the cornerstone of self-health and embodies the method of T'ai Chi Ch'uan to restore vitality to the mind, body, and spirit. Master Heg also trains students in other self-health practices, such as Qigong (an internal art), and Golden Treasures, Weapon Mastery, and Pushing Hands. Since 1973, those practices have been tried and tested in greater Boston. The club offers camaraderie, social stimulation, and increases a joyful spirit.
Classic Yang Style

T'ai Chi Chuan is the most profound exercise in the world today. An estimated 800 Million people will attest to its benefits. It is highly recommended as an alternative self help aide for those suffering with signs of aging, chemical dependencies, and most natural diseases.

Vital health exercises, easy to learn and ideal for busy people. Developed centuries ago in China, Qigong is a form of self healing through movement and breathing techniques. Learn how to clear your mind, increase your stamina, confidence, and gain awareness of your inner being and more.
Golden Treasures

Improve your quality of life and maximize the benefits of prior training in T'ai Chi Ch'uan, Qigong, and any other form of martial arts. Based on Chinese medicine and acupuncture, the Golden Treasures is the perfect exercise for the 21st century, and for people of all ages.

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