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Your opportunity to share with others your experiences in the pursuit of improving your health and daily living.

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Our health care system provides treatment
for a wide variety of ailments. We have developed methods effective in treating acute and chronic health problems with sophistication and success. However, the methods of providing treatment have focused on interventions following the development of ailments. This approach dictates that the method of treatment be drastic or invasive.

Today there is a revived interest in self care and a growing sense of responsibility for one's health and sense of well being. . .

"Since the nine months that I have been attending the exercise session of Tai Chi, I feel much better. I lost weight and most of all I sleep all night and feel agile to do my house work.

Thanks to Heg Robinson who has been so
patient with us.
I recommend people my age or any age to assist these exercise sessions."
Thank you, - (D.T.)

"No more asthma attacks since doing T'ai Chi, I've since thrown away my medicine." (P.J.)
"I was withdrawn, social skills were lacking until I studied T'ai Chi. It allowed me to become more confident and I enjoy being around people more." (J.H.)
"T'ai Chi works, I had prostate cancer and now doctors can't find it anywhere." (M.A.)

"For many years I knew what was causing my biggest health problems Id been living in denial, I had to come to grips with the fact that I had an addiction. As the years drifted by, my health was slowly deteriorating. I had become a junky. I lived to eat...

One Sunday morning in early April 2003 something on my television caught my attention .... the gentleman that hosts the talk show. He was an African-American. I said to myself, I must stop and check this out. Even though I was late for church I wanted to see what was going on with this brother. The talk show host introduced his guest as Mr. Heg Robinson . . .

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