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Private Instruction,

If you are interested in private instruction, please contact the master himself. Together you will determine what method of exercise best suits your needs and you will gain an insight to the powerful results from practicing the art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan on a one-on-one basis.

Contact: Private Lessons

Exercise/Methods Taught,

Group I-- Solo Exercise

Group II--Doubles Exercise

Group III -- Weapons Solo Exercise Single Edge Saber, Double Edge Sword, Stick.

Group IV -- Advanced T'ai Chi Ch'uan Joint-Hands Dynamic Exercise with Instructor.

Group V -- Sticking Hands

Group VI -- T'ai Chi Ch'uan prearranged sparring set

Group VII -- Flying Tiger Qigong

Terms and conditions

Membership Terms and Conditions,

One T'ai Chi group class
- $35.00 for 90min.
- Basic movements
- Several Golden Treasure exercises
(12-14 methods)

Regular Lessons, 2 month commitment - $340.00 for 90min. ea.
- You will Attend a session 3 times a week
- Gain experience with all exercise methods and basic movements
- Meet with Instructor after 2 month period for evaluation

This evaluation is important for us to track your progress. We need to asses your interest level in what you have learned so far and to measure your capabilities. should you wish to continue after the first two months, then you will have to proceed with the full membership requirements of signing up for a one year commitment.

Fully Insured

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