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Classical Yang Style T'ai Chi Chuan:
Master Heg Robinson learned the T’ai Chi from Grand Master Chu Gin-Soon, who learned from the Great Grand Master Yang Shou-Chuang.  In this new DVD, Master Heg Robinson performs the Classical Yang Style T’ai Chi dance with views from four sides. What this means is when you practice, you can see each movement from four different angels, and not just a mirror image.

Price: $ 49.95
T'ai Chi Chuan American Style: Low, High
T'ai Chi based on the Classical Yang style Long Form. This twenty minute daily exercise program will help you to improve your physical health and mental outlook. The program is safe for all ages. Enjoy the benefits of a healthier life with your whole family.

Price: $ 39.95
Qigong: Low, High
The Flying Tiger Qigong system is designed to improve: Internal Energy - Stamina - High Blood Pressure - Kidney Ailments - Asthma - Heart Disease - Circulation -Cultivate Chi - Nurture Internal Organs.

Price: $ 39.95

The Golden Treasures: Low, High
Improves vitality - lowers blood pressure - treatment for asthma - creates flexibility - corrects digestive and respiratory problems - helps diabetes - alleviates stress - heals peptic ulcers - improves heart and lung conditions - helps prostate cancer - decreases arthritis - muscular dystrophy- improves the quality of your life.

Price: $ 39.95
T'ai Chi Teaching Series (Click for Detailed Listing)
A Method of Restoring Vitality (As Seen on BNN Cable TV)

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Price: $ 25.00
T'ai Chi Teaching Series
T'ai Chi Teaching Series (Booklet)
My commitment to the art of T'ai Chi Ch'uan is that "it is a way of life." It enables me to maintain good health and deal with daily tasks in a productive and healthy manner. It is because of my great belief in the spirit and the body, that I want to share this exercise with others and particularly with the elderly.

Price: $ 10.00

Methods of Restoring Health with Master Heg Robinson
Relief for Coughs, Congestion and Asthmatic Conditions

Direction: Take one tablespoon and steep in eight ounces of hot water for ten minutes. Strain and drink. Repeat three to four times a day including one cup at bedtime.
Price: $ 21.00

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