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Private Instruction - Warm up Lessons,

Three step process, leave your day at the front door. Come and make yourself comfortable (wear loose clothing). Turn off all means of communication (cell phones, etc.). Then we will begin our recap from the last session before we begin the breathing exercises.

Setting Goals,

Be sure to give yourself time to learn this exercise. You can expect results in the form of improved sleeping, reduction in High Blood Pressure, increased flexibility, and a clarity of mind. The work you do outside of the class will help you considerably. 20 minutes a day from six months to a year is all you need. One of the major drawbacks from practitioners is the expectation from getting it all at each session. The principal lessons of T'ai Chi should be simple and plain to learn.

Benefits to you,

One on One practice gives you the opportunity to work on one movement and make corrections when needed. You are being trained in the guiding principals of T'ai Chi Ch'uan. You can go at your own pace without the distraction of other students. You can achieve a deep relaxed state (more focused) session. You can see within yourself what adjustments need to be made.

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