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What is Classical Yang Style T'ai Chi Ch'uan?,

T'ai Chi Ch'uan, a Chinese system of self-health and a martial art, has a long history and has been practiced for generations in China by people of all ages for health and longevity. It slow rhythmic movements stimulate all systems of the body: respiratory, circulatory, nervouse, and the organs. In addition, T'ai Chi(also known as "the dance") is meditation in action. It blends exercise and concentration in harmony so as to strengthen the body as you relax. Click below to learn more of the ten guiding points of T'ai Chi Ch'uan.

Who is Tai Chi for?,

T'ai Chi Ch'uan is for anyone. You need no special skills, and in the words of Master Heg, you need only "come to practice with an empty bucket." T'ai Chi cultivates chi energy, brings joy, mobility, flexibility, and comfortability. Master Heg Robinson has taught Chinese people, Latinos, African Americans, Caribbean, Anglo-Americans, the elderly, and the young. Heg Robinson teaches T'ai Chi where you can get it. People of all ages can gain flexibility, control weight, remain mobile, and have a comfortable sense of well being. Learning T'ai Chi will help you learn a gentle art, increasing energy and stamina, maintain durability, feel good, and rejuvenate health.

What are the benefits of the Flying Tiger Qigong?,

The Flying Tiger Qigong system is designed to improve Internal Energy - Stamina - High Blood Pressure - Kidney Ailments - Asthma - Heart Disease - Circulation Cultivation Chi - Nurture Internal Organs .

What are the benefits of Golden Treasures,

Improves vitality - lowers blood pressure - treatment for asthma - creates flexibility - corrects digestive and respiratory problems - helps diabetes - alleviates stress - heals peptic ulcers - improves heart and lung conditions - helps prostate cancer - decreases arthritis - muscular dystrophy - physical therapy for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - improves the quality of your life. Golden Treasures is based on Chinese medicine and Acupuncture - thousands of years old.

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