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Exercise/Methods Taught,

Group I-- Solo Exercise
T'ai Chi Fundamental -- Introduction to the basic movements of the exercise set. The student is taught 3-5 postures per class until the set is completed.

Note: Required time to complete this phase depends on the ability and willingness of each individual student.

T'ai Chi Ch'uan -- To correct and improve the execution of the movements and postures from T'ai Chi Fundamentals.

Group II--Doubles Exercise
Single Joint-Hand -- Two students with the back of their wrists joined move the hand in a circular motion with their waist and body in a forward/rearward motion.

Double Joint-Hand -- Two students alternately push in a forward/rearward movement with both hands in push/block alternate position.

Dynamic Steps -- Two steps alternate in stepping forward/rearward in three steps in a circular direction.

Push-Pull (T'ai-Lu) -- Two students alternate on a pull/back/push/forward exercise. Combines Single Joint Hand with Dynamic Steps. Combines Double Joint Hand with Dynamic Steps.

Joint-Hand Dynamic Exercise -- Two students using Joint-Hand techniques to push or pull each other off balance. This allows the students to get a feel of the movements of an opponent.

Group III -- Weapons Solo Exercise Single Edge Saber, Double Edge Sword, Stick

Group IV -- Advance T'ai Chi Ch'uan Joint-Hands Dynamic Exercise with Instructor

Group V -- Sticking Hands

Two students join wrists together and try to keep each other from slipping away and touching the other's body.

Group VI -- T'ai Chi Ch'uan prearranged sparring set

Two students each having his own pre-arranged movements from the basic set.

Group VII -- Flying Tiger Qigong

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