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Master Heg
Dedicated, Committed, Visionary; Who is Master Heg Robinson?
The Flying Tiger
The Classic Yang Style
Learn more about the lineage of this style of T'ai Chi Ch'uan.
Learn more about the Flying Tiger Learn more of the Classic Yang Style
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Meet our student instructors.
Pre-Recorded Sessions
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Roxbury T'ai Chi Academy has already spread T'ai Chi across the country. It's new purpose is to expand T'ai Chi Ch'uan around the world through radio and TV interviews, videos, public demonstrations, classes, consultations, products, and this web site. You can reward yourself by practicing T'ai Chi for a few minutes daily, or 6 to 18 months, as well as all your life!

Our mission,

    1. To introduce and maintain a quality T'ai Chi Ch'uan program
      that is both productive and beneficial to the community.

    2. To establish a school of learning in the arts of far Eastern
      exercise and medicinal practices, that will be a well-known
      landmark in the community (local, national, and international),
      large enough to conduct a variety of programs, activities
      and functions.

    3. To continue to train enough qualified teachers in the entire
      system of the Classical Yang Style as taught in the RTCA.

Our History,

As a testament to our commitment to teaching T'ai Chi Ch'uan, we have closed only for holidays since our founding in 1973. Serving people of color, senior citizens and the community at large, we have received favorable recognition for our progress in developing a practical guide to improving ones life and well being. Also, we have had the pleasure of conducting self help workshops for major corporations, private institutions and non-profit organizations.

We have received favorable reviews from our live Sunday Morning broadcast of basic T'ai Chi Ch'uan lessons. Over the past three years, we have realized a steady increase in attendance for our yearly focus group retreats. Distributing our pre-recorded instructional videos has been a success in promoting our school, products and services. We are increasingly receiving calls from people traveling through Boston, and attracting new membership.


Official Resolution
Awarded to us by the City of Boston, in recognition for our commitment to teaching the elderly how to increase their health and revitalize their immune system with the aid of T'ai Chi Ch'uan.

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