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Grand Master Chu Gin-Soon started learning T'ai-Chi Ch'uan in 1956 under Master Lai Hok-Soon in Hong Kong. He met Grand Master Yang Shou-Chung in 1963 and has learned from him ever since. Master Chu's experience in teaching T'ai-Chi Ch'uan in this country has been very rewarding. He noted that people here are very practical. Many are interested in the health aspect while others are interested in the self-defense aspect of the art. For the health pursuer who cannot read the abundant Chinese literature on the subject, Master Chu always urges them to consult the numerous articles and books available in the English language, such as "T'ai-Chi for Health" by Edward Maisel, who has been the Director of the American Physical Fitness Research Institute and Consultant to the President's Council on Physical Fitness. For the self-defense enthusiasts, Master Chu certainly makes his point very clear by repelling powerful bodies bigger than himself across the room with graceful movements and lightning speed. He supervises his classes personally with the assistance of his
teaching staff.


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